since everybody seems to hate gradle i would like to say how much i like gradle for its possibility to build even big java projects from the commandline without the need of a a lot o scripts and especially the possibility to create a wrapper in order to use it even when its not installed on said machine.
it is the only reason why i am learning java now (i fucking loathe eclipse at the moment).

and regarding its speed. i had both. windows and linux. and for some reason i could only verify its slowliness on windows.

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    I use an Intellij plugin called mainframer to speed up my Gradle build. It basically uses rsync over ssh, copies the files to a remote machine and builds, then copies the build back locally. I set it up to build on my server (8 cores, 32gigs ram) and it cut my build times down by 75%. If you have access to some powerful hardware, even if it's remote, you can make Gradle quick!
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