What are some interesting open source projects to contribute to? I wanna start to do some contributions to popular OS projects but I've never done that before so... Any recommendations?

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    Most of the large ones are already pretty well catered for, and to get into the game at this point would require a tremendous amount of time investment in understanding the codebase. So I'd say the likes of Git or the Linux kernel would be a poor place to start. You would do well to find a small fledgling project that you're passionate about and go from there.
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    You could take a look at openhatch.org , they teach you the basic skills to contribute to the open source.Might be a good place to start.https://quora.com/How-do-I-start-co... quora answer also might help(I haven't read it btw).
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    Start with software you use. Is any of it open source and written in a language that you want to write in? Check their GitHub issue trackers
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