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    Never happened to me. My code always compiles and I don't have a gf.
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    Gf: 404
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    You know, if you think about it, the blindfold, bondage, and uncertain expectation of pleasure is nearly identical to that of trying to make the code work. You can't leave till it's done, and you have no clue when it will be done.
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    My wife wonders how I sometimes can go on for ages making love to her... I don't want to ruin her feelings by telling her that I am just concentrating thinking about that bug I just found earlier...
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    Damn that girl is hot
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    How the fuck do you get a girlfriend?!
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    @nikolatesla Have you tried a boyfriend instead?
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    #1 $sudo pacman -Syu
    // so you can get the repos and dependency updated

    #2 $sudo pacman -S girlfriend
    // if you get an error try getting it by manual instalation from the github repo, if after that there is somekind of problems then try the boyfriend package, apparently it comes with less dependency...
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    What the fuck?!
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    @nikolatesla @silkfire
    Omg, yet another case of same avatars
    But yeah, you could try with boys
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    @Gaetano96 it's not a loss to clone a nikola tesla
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