Being stuck as a beginner :/

What do you do if you can't find the solution on Google?

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    Never happened google knows everything.
    Search again.
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    What exactly are you looking for? Because if you don't enter a proper search query, the results might not be what you want.
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    Yeah what @shelladdicted said. It all boils down to how much you can simplify the search phrase on Google. You could try searching for keywords within SO or check the related content to the right side. If it's related to any library you could try searching within github. Lots of people would have a POC project on there somewhere using that library. You could look at issues tab within github to figure out if someone has already complained about it. It has some gems hidden away and has saved my ass many times. Other forums, Google communities also help. You could even try other search engines if Google doesn't understand your search phrase. Good luck.
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    I'm a beginner too, and while that hasn't happened more than once or twice for me, when it did I took a short break. Came back and either realized what I did wrong or found a better search term.
    Best of luck fellow beginner.
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    Get your debug game up.

    Lot's of devs work with niche technology and won't find answers on Google or Stackoverflow.
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    Oh that used to happen to me a lot when I started developing, I was not yet familiar with control names, and programming concepts say for example Inheritance, but what is nice about such thing is until I finally find what I want, I learn a lot of things from unwanted search results.

    If you give up you can only debug and try to rewrite your logic
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    Know when to walk away and come back to a problem later. A fresh mind will usually identify the issue right away. Also rubber duck debugging actually works. You can try it with a real person if you think its silly. Just explain everything youre doing and why and you can usually get unstuck
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    Sometimes you know how to describe a problem, too.
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    Ask on here if you're stuck elsewhere, we're happy to help :)

    Happy development
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    See you code and try to understand what part is problematic, isolate that part.

    See if it works, if yes try to build the rest of your code around it and see what your problem was.

    If not, read code carefully, see if you can further isolate. Repeat.

    This will most of time lead you to a very specific problem that is pretty easy to google.

    If all else fails brace yourself for toxicity and ask on SO.
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    I DuckDuckGo it, although I gotta be honest and don't use Google haha :P
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    Keep working at like we did before we had Google. #getoffmylawn
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    Try hacky code
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    @linuxxx me to ;)

    @Sirhennihau Depends whats the question. If you really cant find a solution post a question on SO.
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    @Jifuna Mother of God I didn't know you were a fellow dutchie!
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    @linuxxx yes, I am haha
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    Thanks for all the kind responses. It's a thing about networking, combining the imagepicker and fetch-method in react-native to upload an image to a server.

    I will retry today with a fresh mind.
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