This was at my first internship (ranted about this before but hey fuck it).

- discovered several high critical vulnerabilities in their product. Wrote them down and kindly gave them to my boss/manager (they were the same person). He looked at me like 'the fuck' but I just went home at the end of the day. Next day, I got called into his office. I was a fucker, cancer guy who knew nothing about security, who would never reach anything and I shouldn't criticize their product (I had no right to because I was an intern).

- Bossman went to a meeting with a coworker to present their product. They came back to the office and it very clearly had gone pretty wrong. (we had nothing to do with anything related to the project including the meeting) he called us all bad things he could think of and it was all our fault and so on.

- I do have a transpiration problem but I can partly contain that when it's not too hot and the stress levels are okay. I was only allowed to sit in front of the window. YES IT WAS A MOTHERFUCKING HUGE WINDOW, 35-40 DEGREES FEELING TEMPERATURE AND NO MOTHERFUCKING AIRCONDITIONING. (okay gotta admit that one of the installation guys fell off the roof during the installation BUT THEN AT LEAST GET FANS OR SOMETHING).
Got called into his office multiple times because I smelled and 'couldnt take care of my hygiene'. I was literally sweating my ass off full-time so what the fuck could I do in those temperatures?!?

- my only project there: Google translating their whole CRM. Took us five weeks and the bossman kept pressure on us at all times which didn't FUCKING help.

Was fired after 5 weeks for hygiene reasons and because I didn't do my work well appearantly (still fuck translating all day).

One of the worst things? He pretended everything to go well until the first review came with my mentor (mentor == awesome guy). Then he talked shit about me like it was no-one's business.

I literally cried when I walked home after being fired.

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    @Letmecode He gave some points I could work on but except for that just compliments. And then he burned me into the ground when my mentor was there as well.
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    @linuxxx you seem like a really good guy from all of the rants I've from you. Fuck anyone that gives you issues because of something you can't (or try the best you can to) control. Also, hope all is well with that recruiter you were taking to!
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    This industry is full of nothing but pride and ego, and somehow the most idiotic bosses have the most of it.
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    @dalastTomCruise Thanks mate, appreciate it!
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    Put your fist into his anus it works trust
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    Hard to like the rant. I feel for you. I have a bit of a sweaty thing too.

    I hope you find a better drop.
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    Some people should be kept in a cage without a key...
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    But, but? You're Swedish, aren't you?! Is it legally possible to fire anyone in Sweden on those grounds?
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    @kilobytelogic I'm Dutch :). And tbh I was happy as fuck when I got fired!
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    @kilobytelogic When you have a tryout contract you can be let go for pretty loose reasons, but never ever due to sweating a lot...
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    @mutation I had a general internship contract, can be let go of easily through that.
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    Regarding your sweat issues - tried aluminium chloride? I had really bad issues with this as well before (from crippling social anxiety), and it helped a lot in reducing sweating when the worst attacks came.

    Just as a little tip :-)
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    @yusijs Nope. I don't believe that aliminium stuff is great for your body and most people I know are strongly recommending me to NOT use that haha!
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    Eh. Doctors recommended me to use it, so cant be crippling bad.
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    @yusijs Oo. Doctors recommended me to do loads of sports, maybe try certain tea but to stay the living fuck away from anything related to aluminium 😅
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    @linuxxx Same shit happened to me. Also got fucked up by a arsehole.

    Well now got a way better job :)
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