Manager asked for access to server with admin rights for a third party contractor and I questioned him... His answer?

- Your are gonna give access to anyone that needs access.

I gave. Went for a 15 days vacation.

Our server got blocked by our cloud provider because of ssh brute force attempt coming from it and the company website went offline during a big ass meeting because of that.

Made me giggle :)

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    Sucks to suck. 😂
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    @Letmecode That's what I was thinking.
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    @Letmecode In that case I would just tell them it's their fault and if they deny it, I'll tell'em to bite my meaty fat ass. If I get fired I'd consider that a successful outcome.
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    @AndSoWeCode since I live in a tiny country I can't afford stuff like that. Bosses talk to each other and that would be like committing career suicide.
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    @Marlo oh really? The thing is that bosses that know each other also know what dicks they might be. It might be like you said but when I was in a small country, bosses would still listen to me at interviews rather than the opinions of their competition.
    I had a not-so-bad case of a bad boss, and I still talk about my case at interviews. People understand that people can be dicks. I got plenty of good offers from companies that knew pretty well that I shouted at one of my former bosses and quit, which in turn ended up ending the company, if I explained the reasons why it happened (administrative and office safety issues, that's why I never wrote a rant about it).
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    @AndSoWeCode The thing is that most bosses here in Luxemburg are actually good friends. They will ask why you left company x and then after the interview call your former boss to compare the two stories. If he's a cunt he might fuck you hard.

    Ps.: By tiny I really mean it only 600k inhabitants.
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    @Marlo oh, Luxemburg... Ok. I got an interview offer from there, denied it just because of that. You lose a job or fail to suck up - you're probably out of the game. Too bad mate, it's so unfair.
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    Just ignore all that hype around old bosses badmouthing you, in my experience it rarely happens. If they want you gone they're just happy to have you gone. Also (and this may not be the best solution - family, commitments etc), just consider going to another country if they do badmouth you. There's always something out there
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    I thought it is illegal to bad mouth an employee. You sue them for defomation ...

    The worst they can say is that we can confirm he has worked here and nothing more (maybe about attendance, not any more ...)
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    @Letmecode nah, the only outcome is that now I have to share with my team how all servers work and basically teach Linux to them, the bus factor is really strong here.
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