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    Someone still uses IE 8? Seriously?
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    @TerriToniAX My client needs a basic functionality IE8 -_-
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    @gedankennebel Why would they want that?
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    Anyone who still uses internet explorer for anything else than installing other browsers, just delete yourself
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    Well, people will keep using this devils piss while developers try to keep tuning things on it.
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    Every fucking time our PO wants some shiny looking feature we forget about IE compability... 2 days after the feature is live, some customer (retard one) complaints to our customer support about not seeing the correct page on his browser (IE).. then the pain of finding a polyfil begins... I think it goes without saying that we end up with a bunch of crappy code and dependencies just to have all functionalities available to everyone... Microsoft should stop messing with stuff like Paint and retire IE...
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    @gashadokuro that is what we were expecting but no... IE is still a major player among our customers apparently... Fuck knows why...
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