I'm interrupted frequently during team meetings, usually by junior team members. I brought it up to my boss at a 1:1 and now he interrupts me more often than they do.

I wasn't giving you permission. 😒

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    Try "I'm sorry that the middle of my sentence interrupted the beginning of yours."
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    @chch that's too snarky-- I'd lose my job.

    I tend to ask if they'd mind if I continue instead. Still points out that they've interrupted, but it's more polite.
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    Maybe you're demeanor is too shy? Practice those situations with someone you trust. Instruct them to interrupt you during talking.

    Try to counteract this by slightly raising your voice, demanding to know why the person interrupted you. Look at him/her as well. Call the person by name. "I was not finished. Why do you interrupt me {name}?!"

    This can help to highlight your right to speak.
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    Begin a DICO (Daily Interrupt Chief Officer) regime. Each day some one else will eat the shit from all the interrupts and get better domain knowledge to the point where there is no longer "junior" "senior" knowledge separation.
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