Google, really?
I created all content by myself, all images, textes everything is made by me. And now I strike copyright rules?!?

Shut up google._.

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    Send a txt file with "yes. I the creator hereby grant the creator, permission to use my content."

    Signed, the creator & thereby copyright holder.

    Though, I bet this would probably backfire :p
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    @lotd I wrote an email. I have wait up to 72 hours
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    Then you have indicated things wrong. You should not tick that you have permission to distribute, but rather that you own the copyrights.

    It clearly says advance notice should only be used when you use 3rd party content with permission, not for your own content. (or if you have a gambling license)

    If you submit that you own the copyright, it WILL be rejected.
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    The second point says that your game might have gambling like elements.
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    @shaji 1. It isn't a game, 2. Google only accept Documents for this reason.

    It is nothing more than a tech blog, based on wp, in an android App.
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