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My paid training to become a dev starts today. Or rather in half an hour. God damn it I'm nervous. Even though I'm already kinda experienced. I'll be that company's first trainee.

It will be mostly C#.

I enjoyed my 2 month long holidays that lasted until now, though.

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    Let the beatings commence!
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    So, everything ok?
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    It's a small company and one of the two coders is on holidays and the other one had a to visit a costumer because it was urgent.

    I wrote a whopping 2 lines of code today, while the rest was related to working with tools and I even managed to hurt myself on some metal, even if it's not that bad of a cut, I'm pissed.

    I hope things become better when the guy who's supposed to teach me stuff returns from his holidays next week.

    But hey, I got a nice triple monitor setup, which is awesome. :)
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