Worst Manager/Higher Up? I guess that would be me. There was this time I was so frustrated with my team, that I literally asked them to make a list of words they want to curse me with, cause we won't be going home till the work is done the right way.

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    And your team actually accepted that?

    I would have quit either right on the spot, or escalated that to HR.
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    It is sounds like a good way to slap the facts on unreasonable people's faces. Using the idea of going home was brilliant as it lights a bulb on most people. It is also very logical act to declare the terms that effects both sides at the end of the day.

    In the long run I must agree with k0pernikus. Good luck :)
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    ++ for being honest about this one at least! Over here you can't do that legally as far as I know so I'd just have gone home probably 😅
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    The work actually got over before 4 in the evening.
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    @linuxxx ++ if you can't manage it in the normal 9-5 you're not doing it right.
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