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For some reason time stops when I open confluence

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    This is due to using confluence. 😐
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    @darkcode too true, also JIRA. Seriously though how has atlassian gotten this far.
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    @meowth, in my opinion it's about the whole suit of products under it and the way they all gel into each other. Hipchat, jira, confluence and what not..
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    "for some reason time stops when I open confluence"

    Well, that's Vex technology for you...

    (narf narf)
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    @mayank9856 and bitbucket, the devil spawn
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    I jumped into a project using Jira and after 2 months we made a full transition to IBM Rational Tools. I weep at night thinking of how much I miss Jira @meowth
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    Oh my, confluence or the death of developers
    Every time I see a project using Jira/Confluence, the first thing I do is show them how awesome github is
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    Personally, pivotal tracker is the only answer at this point.
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    @siksik, thankfully my company uses github!!
    Bitbucket would have been a disaster
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