Our prof at university told us at the beginning of the semester, that .NET is the most used framework for web based systems and it would take a big part in this semester. He brought up a statistic, in which .NET filled around 43 %, and wasnt even the most populated one. Nobody seemed to be impressed, that the first information he provided to us, was obviously wrong but okay.. After that I just looked up the statistic and filtered the values for my own country, in which Im "probably" about to work later on. The percentage for .NET in my country was 4 %. I told my classmates, that this guy is talking complete bullshit. Still nobody cared. During semester we learned stuff, that was btw factually wrong. In the end, we didnt even had one lecture about .NET. Now my classmates finally care and are flaming all day about this guy. Didnt expect that... (Irony off)

There is one more story of this ridculous prof that will follow soon :D

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    Well to be honest .net is one of the most solid frameworks for large scale web apps to date. And with .net core, it put most other frameworks to shame when it comes to speed and modularity.
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    @Sioeray and even if .net core is less popular in some parts of the world the concepts are pretty much the same in other frameworks.
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    I agree with @ItsNotMyFault: Concepts are the most important.. not the specific language or framework. If you get the concepts, you can apply them to many other technologies. Keep an open mind 😄
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    @Hubot-0x58 use .net core if you’re creating something new today, it better in almost every aspect. It’s also the only one where Linux is a first class citizen :)
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    @Hubot-0x58 hope you’ll find it as good as I do :) let me know if you have any other questions.
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