>import ENi18n
>import ZHi18n

en = {…ENi18n, moreStuff}
zh = {…ZHi18n, moreStuffZH}
pt = {…ZHi18n, moreStuffPT}

“Hey man can you fix this? Seems like we are missing the Portuguese i18n. Check this file please (path)”
“I’m sorry I don’t understand, can you call me and explain?”

Why do I need to explain this? What is difficult to grasp here? How can it take more than 20 seconds to know what to do here? It’s not even a file I made, you made it and I just ran into it!

Fuck man, I’m going to blow my brains out.

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    You need to do a BMP screenshot of the source code, open it in an editor,
    add red circles (at least a dozen) around the import, add at least 2 dozen question tags in red next to it....

    Then convert this to PDF, attach it to a mail, make another screenshot of the PDF viewer with the file open and embed that image in the mail.

    (Yeah, thats how some of the things that I get from upper management look like).
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    Does this person understand the concept of a file path? From what I read, that's not something you can just assume a person knows anymore.
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