I had to explain what version control was to the dinosaur last week. (Our cto, for more context check last post)

So we've been having issues getting our infrastructure dude to do deployment because he is sick of the treatment he gets here and has basically checked out.

Deployments then fell onto the dinosaur. After struggling for an eternity to figure out app settings (any junior dev could figure this out) he finally deployed, however it was from qa branch.

I gently reminded him that we were deploying from master and that all changes in qa should be merged to master when testing phase is over.

He informed me that 'he doesn't think that's a good idea because if we merge to master and there's problems then it's fucked forever and there is nothing we can do'

I stood there with my mouth hanging ajar until I finally managed to squeeze out 'that's literally what git is for....' 🤡

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    Some tips to get a higher rant rank:
    - facking version control
    - fucking dinosaur
    - the fucking deployment
    - fucking junior
    - fucking git

    @Wisecrack there must be more to base a rank on

    Didn't miss the edit window: * rubs your back *
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    @retoor ahh I missed the edit window 💀
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    if the window is closed just open another portal and all good =)
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