I just got four CSV reports sent to me by our audit team, one of them zipped because it was too large to attach to email.

I open the three smaller ones and it turns out they copied all the (comma separated) data into the first column of an Excel document.

It gets better.

I unzip the "big" one. It's just a shortcut to the report, on a network share I don't have access to.

They zipped a shortcut.

Sigh. This'll be a fun exchange.

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    For the first cell: Could it be that they used a different CSV export format (different separators)?
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    The first cell issue is quite common because of Excel. Select the entire row and use to "To Data" button somewhere, that seperates it.
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    @qbasic16 @corjaantje @ClemFrieckie

    I know, it's just...

    Thanks for being helpful!
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