When I worked at a previous job, they only gave out decent titles (and salaries) to upper management. Everyone else... well... I was the Domain/Sysadmin, responsible for the domain and both DCs, upgrading the physical network (plus recabling it: the MDF was a *disaster*), as well as all backups, migrations, printers, servers, and workstations/lappys in the building, plus pushing software, antivirus, updates, security policies, etc. I had complete access to everything, and ofc was responsible for everything. Nothing on my network caused anyone (else) any trouble except one particular printer I wasn't able to replace. Also, nothing new appeared on my network without me noticing and tracking it down.

But my official title? "IT Assistant".
I made $11/hr.

Worth it? Take a flying leap into an overflowing outhouse during the height of a Vegas summer if you even begin to think so.

I eventually managed to switch to a developer position, and (after several attempts) got a ~$5/hr raise. The girl they replaced me with in IT with some ditz who had never installed an OS before, didn't know what the BIOS was, and couldn't figure out why a monitor... plugged into itself... wasn't working. Things went downhill from there.

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    Actually, there was one ghostly device I never could find. It was (intermittently) connected in an empty conference room...
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    How do such people get hired, why the heck do they even choose this line of work when they know there is a 15yo neice somewhere would do much better then them? 😑
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    What the fuck. 11$/h and a title like that is not remotely enough for that much responsibility and work.
    Makes me angry while even thinking about it.
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    @nin0x03 I'm not welcome back there because I wasn't "dedicated enough" to the job -- I wouldn't move across town to be closer to work. All of the upper management lived in the same neighborhood. lol
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    @Ashkin What a bunch of douchebags. 😡
    Let me guess, would you've moved, you'd also been "decidated enough" to be on call for your job 24/7 ...
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    Ummm... What? Where did you get paid 11$/h? That is completely unfair for anyone that does anything with computers. Apart from people that just blow dust from computers, or juniors in piss-poor countries, everyone is worth a lot more.

    I don't know what to say... My advice to anyone working in such places is to just look online, or through their network that should definitely be built. Even as a freelancer working from another country with an average level of experience it should pay more than 11$/h. The correct sum is around 15-20$ per hour. At least that's what many non-profits are paying for any foreign freelancer developer (the only ones they can afford)
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    Why the double negation?!
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    @blueCat1301 because it's totally a rant 😉

    @runfrodorun yep yep. I've used the domain/sysadmin title every time I've talked about that job.

    @AndSoWeCode Agreed. The pay was shit. lol I didn't put it I the rant, but I started at $10/hr, and got the $1 raise after a few months.

    @nin0x03 basically, haha. I got in trouble for only working my required hours and not staying late, despite going to school at the time. They also required me to take a SaaS class, but wouldn't let me do any of the work/reading while I was there. 😡

    @Letmecode haha. Yeah, that place had problems. The products are amazing, but working there? Ugh. All of the upper management were brilliant, actually, but they failed so miserably at managing, hiring, tact, basic civility, etc. I could rant for years about that place.
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    damn now thats a bad place to work, walmart pays that, sadly IT is one of the most undervalorated jobs, is like if people thought, "Everyone can use a computer", but no, not everyone can do the things we do
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    At my previous place, the SysAdmin was responsible for the data warehouse and for changing light bulbs. Nuff said.
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