Last internship : I learned modern opengl, libav and ffmpeg. I even was the only dev on some big contracts. Was a fucking cool internship because I learned everything I wanted to. But my manager had really low social skills. So been able to teach myself all of that was a good thing for everybody, but not for him. When the internship was over I got the worst mark of my promotion for the business with for comment that I didn't enough ask for help Oo wtf dude. Still get the best final markof the promotion and the only one who didn't work on web technologies :p but fuck you should have tell me sooner man...

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    Wtf?! First time i hear such nonsense.. What does he mean by "you didnt ask enough for help"? Why bother taking someone's time off when there's no real reason for it??
    Just doesnt make sense...

    I mean, if he would've said "The intern never consulted me about architecture and approach to the task/mission/bug/feature" i would've understand.. But planely "Never asked for help" doesn't cut it and it makes me cringe.

    Take some ++
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    @bioDan I'm not sure but I guess his education background give him the big head. Even my colleagues were like, I don't known why but he's saying that your internship didn't go well. I just made the 2 projects I was asking to do, even if I got some big problems that my manager or myself didn't anticipate. The worst part is still that I didn't know about that before the end. He never answered to my email after that and didn't come the day of my presentation so I lost some points again xD
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