Trying to build a ros workspace inside VMware...
Called up the teammate who put it together:

Me: hey the workspace isn't building for me, do I need to setup anything before I type "make"?

Him: nah dude just type make and ur good, why what error are you getting?

Me: *describes error*

Him: oh lol I never got that error before, idk maybe your machine is just dumb

Me: *uh ok sure dude* let me try some other stuff
*Boots to native install of Ubuntu*
*Build successful*

Me: oh huh that's weird it built on my native installation but not on the VM

Him: oh lol that's not my problem

Seriously dude? First off, screw you Ros for not being able to build in a VM. Secondly, it's entirely your problem! Linux is nice to use, sure, but it's a bit of a problem when the entire team runs off Mac!


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