So apparently, I've been deemed to having a negative attitude here at work!

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    Maybe the work is influencing you negatively 🤔
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    That's pretty common amongst devs.
    And sys admins.. Apparently.
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    I work with a grump. It made me realise how much of a grump i am myself. Atleast now i can work on it.
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    Apparently some of my coworkers "ratted" on me to my manager. I've been asking that they hire another developer, and all I get from my manager is "My hands are tied. There's nothing I can do."
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    That's how I end up getting through with some stuff, just mumble and rumble until they get fed up and let you go your way.
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    I was given the "negative attitude" stamp as well, when I gave too long time estimates for the Boss/CEO/company owner's random ideas in meetings, and then tried to poke holes in those ideas to avoid having to implement them.
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