Will you PLEASE stop just commenting out code that doesn't work
Delete it

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    @mrtnrdl we have everything under version control going back like 4 years, that's the most annoying thing 😩
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    i comment out other working ways of implementimg the functionality if i'm not sure which one is going to be best in the long run #region helps a lot in this. then i don't need to spend time thinking which way is the best and feeling like i lost time by deleting one of the ways that worked and possibly having to write it again later.
    (i often avoid source control because i often work alone at which point it's a needless overhead to commit any other time than at the end of the day)
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    But if you're never going to use it again then isn't it just cluttering things up?

    Especially if you have like 50 lines commented out
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    konsole.log[''whY so Mad?']:
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    I hate it when I see this in a project. Why is this commented out? Does it not work? Is it some crazy in class version control, is it temporary for debugging.

    Don't commit this shit into my life!
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    "But I always remove all the commits with non working features from all the branches. I don't want git to be cluttered"

    — real comment from coworker.

    Suddenly I understood why we had so many weird issues with git complaining about fucked up histories.

    I made him spend a weekend in the closet with the git monster.
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    @wolt, I usually create a patch file named "ProjectName-WhatsSupposedToDo-YYYYMMDD" and then I store it in a Google Drive folder named "LostCodePatches".
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    i would not delete any code.
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    Amen! If I had a dollar for every code review with commented out code, I could retire.
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    Sesh. People who dont delete unwanted codes or just prefer to comment it out are pre-historic people who have no idea that Git (and its predecessors) exists
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    Commenting two lines of code is 1000 times easier than version control. You just have to remember to delete them before committing
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    I keep it as reference until what I'm trying to do with the replacement is working. Simpler.
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    @ctwx perfection
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