1. Keep your rythm: 7/8 hours of sleep each day and DON'T take your work home. Unless you have your own business ofcourse. Still: don't wear yourself out!

2. Put on music. Me personally like fast punk when i'm struggling with a deadline. Makes you want to go faster.

3. Close ALL communication like chats, mail etc. Hell i even thought of a sign "do not disturb"

4. Coffee. Lot's of coffee

5. Use a time tracking method like pomodoro

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    All good tips, except the optimal number of hours of sleep is individual, as well as the taste in music :)
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    I have a 1 year old son. He wakes at least two times at night to eat...
    I am still working on a "6 hours uninterrupted sleep" achievement.
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    @starbear I know this feeling too well :)
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    @starbear i know that feeling. 2yo, it's the same, although feeding is not enough.
    Bring blanket and pillow to the office.
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