I would like your opinion on this fellow devranters. Right now at my university I have to pick an elective. My options are AI, Cloud Computing and the .Net framework. I'm leaning towards AI and also considering taking both AI and Cloud computing (if they'll allow me). What do you think I should pick career-wise?

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    Depends. If you want a "save" 9-5 job, it would probably be .net, but I would also pick one of the others.
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    Cloud computing and AI are both really trendy fields right now, so if you already feel like these will interest you more, I don't see much of a reason to go for .net

    AI may turn out disappointing, as it's usually a lot of tinkering with black boxes. There's plenty of "research" papers where the content basically is "well we tried changing these 90 parameters out of 150, and the classification was about this much better for our data set. Can't explain why though 'cause it's a black box".

    But if you feel the pull, go for it. Either will get you jobs easily, and if you're already interested in them, no need to hold back
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    you'll hired instantly with ai and cloud skills. Every company needs those skills to stay relevant in the next 5 years.

    oh and this may help
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    I also would go for AI and CC. If you see the progress companies like Google , IBM and Tesla made in these fields in the last years, you just wonder whats more to come.
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    Cloud computing is a very safe choose, Almost any large business is moving over to cloud based services / systems.

    AI, I think is still in its baby days and needs a lot more work.

    .net gets you a windows job almost anywhere.
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    @Wack @heyheni @mw108 @C0D4 @CptFox Thanks a lot for the replies! I'll try to take AI+CC (hopefully).
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