Just got into a company as a fresher. Have never liked doing frontend (no offence). They are making me do frontend. Now, I'll forever bear the tag of a frontend developer. Can't quit due to money issues. Don't know where life will take me.

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    Step 1. Learn frontend
    Step 2. Maintain working knowledge of backend
    Step 3. Put full stack developer on resume.
    Step 4. Profit.
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    Some concepts you learn as frontend you can apply to backend and vice-versa, and it's never bad to learn new things
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    Don't give up, be proactive, look for ways to engage in backend stuff, name yourself 'fullstack' as stated earlier.
    I was php+html5. Now i'm java+who knows what. Last week I digged into Jenkins and Docker. Because I could explain why I need this and what's the profit for company.
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    I didnt like frontend either (css 😭) but when the new css techniques came (flexbox, flex grid) it bece bearable. Especially when real frontenders come up to you to ask how something CSS related works.

    I can now call myself fullstack like @padsjt said.

    I still prefer backend but I dont mind doing frontend. As long as I dont have to support browsers that dont support flexbox.
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