Client: "I need you to implement a feature which does x"
Me: "We can it do like this, I can do it in Y hours."
Client: "Perfect do it"

Me: "Here you go have a look and if you give your ok I'll implement it on production."
Client:"That is not what I need. I need Z"
Me: "Well then you should have said Z and not x. But I can do Z if you want me to."
Client:"Do it it is urgent!!!!111"

Me: "All done here you go."
Client: "That works like what I said what I need, but I meant more like xZ."
Me: "Ok, you know I have to charge you for all this, do you?"
Client: "What why? It isn't the feature I wanted!!11 Do it right and I'll pay you for the right one!"

Me: "It might not be what you wanted but it is exactly what you specified to me. I'll send you the bill and will not continue working for you. Good luck finding someone who is willing to do unpaid work for you."

I am so done with that kind of client.

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    That sucks! Do you use prototypes to communicate with the client?
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    @heyheni Not for "small" features which actually sound like a decent idea and come with detailed information of how it should work. For big stuff it is always more like sprint -> review -> changes -> review -> next sprint
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    Damn that must be difficult to work with, What project though? Im curious
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    You deserve a plus plus
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    This happens to me everytime with one specific client. I'll literally ask if him if he is sure that he don't want it to be able to do y aswell as x. NO i just need x. I develop x and then he always ask "but why doesn't it do y" I ASKED YOU ABOUT THIS BEFORE I STARTED!
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    I have learned to handle such cases now. But have struggled a lot initially ;)
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    @adityap31 Tell us how you managed to do it.
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    I'm just wondering, do these clients even pay what they owe when you send the bill? I think there needs to be a mindset shift to the clients so that they understand that development is a service, not a product.
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