Goodbye Java I will not miss you at all! I swear ...

I do like it when making web services (especially that I can use Java8) but for Android you have been a torture. Hello sweet Kotlin! I shall embrace you and treat you like my newly born baby!!

Story is:
Working on a new project where I need to talk to a web service (also made by me).
Started writing in Java, all is cool and unit tests pass.
Downloaded Android Studio 3 Beta 1 and converted my Java code to Kotlin, That AsyncTask did not look nice in kotlin, converted it to async & await feature and I must admit lots of code removed, no more need to create a new fucking AsyncTask every time the app sneezes for data!

I feel like I'm working with C# but with difference in syntax.
My life is now complete :)

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    Kotlin works with java, you know?
    Kotlin is not full developed yet, It needs tools like jdm to work.

    I'm not saying that kotlin is not better, but It needs to grow more.
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    @Pinneaple6 Of course it does, this is why I chose to use it in a newly created personal project to see how far it goes and if it can be used in big projects.

    I'm still a newbie in it, any recommendations?
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    Recommendation is you can use Kotlin in existing projects. Start with just one file using Kotlin and the rest using Java.
    No need to start new project but that works too.
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    @xsacha Can't tell boss that lol That's why I'm starting my own project to learn, analyze and then decide if it covers our needs at work + see what added value it brings to the team over using Java
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    I mean it is a much easier decision than switching the entire team over to using Kotlin exclusively. You could just use it on new files or where existing files need rewrites. There is no need to replace existing Java files.

    It is much easier to integrate in to existing projects than say, Swift in to Obj-C as you can just add the .kt file and away it goes (with appropriate dependency and gradle)
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    I've been using it for over a year and it is absolutely ready to be used in production. On its own or alongside existing Java doesn't matter.
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    @xsacha Looks great for new files though, I might try that as well, new files will begin as small ones and I suppose it is fair enough to assume team will be able to start adapting to Kotlin with new small files. Thanks for you suggestion :)
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    @ryanmhoffman Cool, always nice to hear feedback from those who tried. I'll recommend it to upper management for sure, though I need to first give comparison on why team needs to change to kotlin
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