how do you know your dumbass linting rules have gone overboard?

this is how

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    Don't you know you should use `aStartDate` to prevent that?

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    Yaml linting? Yeah then it expects it to be sorted alphabetically. Honoring said linting rule though should not impact the working of reading out the file.

    It sounds counterintuitive but for me and my use cases it makes sense and does not impact work.
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    I will personally shoot whoever had the idea of code formatting generating ERRORS.

    This is NOT satire, FBI.
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    @AlgoRythm in my company we have this kind of formatting suggestions configured as a hybrid level: during local development it's treated as warnings (and you can even disable those). In our pipelines this becomes an error.

    However, when you commit your code a git hook will autofix the formatting, so nowdays this pipeline only fails if you try to commit with --no-verify
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    I don't know if they still do it, SonarQube use to give warnings about sorting the (c#) using statements. After a failed code review (reviewer would complain that the usings were not sorted per SonarQube), you'd right-click in Visual Studio -> 'Remove and sort using', then you'd get another warning about the .net references (like System) needed to be first/before all the others. Round and round we go.
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    I will let the upvotes in this thread speak for themselves :)
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    In some languages like C++, order of declaration matters because it also defines order of implicit initialization, which can sometimes have... Subtle side effects.

    This might explain obscure issues with using order in c#.

    In js, as I think OP refers to, it's absolutely fucking bullshit and clownery.
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    didn't get this job either... "i didn't have enough experience with redux"

    dude. i've been using redux since dan built the fucking library

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