We are pioneers.

We build software, an extremely complex concept that didn't exist just 70 years ago.

We learned to harness its complexity and bend it at our will. Just stop for a minute and think about what happens when you load a URL in your web browser. The whole process.

In all human history, nobody has ever been the protagonist in something so complex as software. Yet we know that all of this wouldn't exist without a community of developers, sharing code and knowledge over the same system that they have created.

_We are dwarves perched on the shoulders of our fellows_

That's why even if nobody understands our work, I still think this is the most beautiful job in the world.

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    But we still need to Google to fix the printers! :)
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    Amen to that. Also we are like superheroes but real lol
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    And people mainly use it all to look at pictures of cats, other people's food and baby pictures.

    And porn, can't forget about the porn.
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    I agree with you, some software engineers are truly geniuses that deserve a lot of praise. But not nearly all of us.

    I mean, some of us surely build complex stuff but it's not like what we're doing is magic. Most of us build and maintain websites and apps, which is not pioneering by any means. So I don't agree that everyone of us are "super heroes" or what ever. We're just average people that hopefully enjoy what we do.
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    @wolt That's absolutely right! But you can't deny that computer science has *exploded* in a few years like nothing ever before. And it's still growing, and this is probably only the beginning.
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    @wolt that's fair. But I invite you to think again about the URL.

    Keyboard interaction. Operating system. Network stack. TCP connections. TCP packets. Ack. Retransmissions. Line signal encoding. CSMA/CA. DNS. All the routers along the way. Send reply back. Scheduler. Rendering. JS interpreter. Pixels on screen.

    I don't know how you can't be fascinated about all these things working together, perfectly. Powering the modern world. And we're part of it :)
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    @dontPanic superheroes we areπŸ’ͺπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜Š
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    Read this with morgan Freeman's sound, hans zimmer 's music on backgorund.. :D
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    @alwaysmpe matter of fact, it's MOSTLY porn
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    @wolt and the miners on the coal and gold mines
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    @elonmusk Search engines* πŸ˜„
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    @wolt you must be popular at parties
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