That feeling when Visual Studio has been hanging for 30s while opening a project on your trusty Thinkpad, but it's running smooth like butter on that guy's Mac..

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    We have this situation at work but both running Windows on exact same spec machine desktop bought on same day.
    One laggy as crap with intellisense delayed over 30 seconds. Another super fast with instant intellisense.
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    Same here..
    Laggy as f*ck on my Thinkpad
    Smooth as f*ck on my workmate's Thinkpad
    Same project, same specs ._.
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    I gave my Dell Latitude to younger brother for his college assignments and installed Windows 10 on Mac Pro for .Net Development. (Please don't ask why I bought Mac in the first place :)

    And guess what, Visual Studio work like a charm on mac hardware I mean better than Dell Latitude. Have been using it for last couple of months. Happy so far
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