During an interview, is it ok to show the live websites/apps(backend admin dashboard) that I did alone at my current job? How do you all showcase your works?

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    Id say refer to your nda. I worked at state and federal dev shops so I'd likely be committing a crime or maybe treason if i showed the juicy bits of my work.

    If you can do so without giving away some one else's secrets then do so, i now relish the chance to turn jobs into portfolio items and probably won't take a top secret job for a while bc i hate that i can't easily prove my technical skills from those years
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    As a front end developer I prefer to show an exploit on their site if I can find one. That stuff usually gets their interest
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    @Froot love this idea
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    @Froot Why do you say "as a front-end developer". What does that have to do with front-end?
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    @devios1 Well having developed a website I know how one could exploit it. I know about front end security
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