First day of vacation after 5 months of overtime... aaaaand I'm stuck in bed with a back issue.
Can't even code all the things I had in mind. Nice holidays incoming yay...
At least I have devrant.

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    Code on your bed :P
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    @filthyranter i already smashed my face with my phone not gonna try with a laptop 😅
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    When this happens to me I will get my vacation days back with an attestation. Is this possible for you?
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    @Divisionbyzero i don't think so. And anyway my pm booked me till late december. I don't even have time to breath till next year 😅
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    @Enewia then get well soon. Try to reduce stress to stay healthy.
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    @Divisionbyzero thanks :)
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    I think your body is asking for some well deserved rest, let it have it. If suggest getting a nice book of something you wanna learn (new language, extend your knowledge on your favourite or just some awesome sci fi -- I recommend Le Guin ) and you'll be back up in no time!
    Here's for hope you get better soon, and enjoy it meanwhile.
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