It only took a whole minute for my stackoverflow question to be furiously downvoted... What is it with people on this site? Didn't they get enough hugs as kids?

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    They are getting crazier every day!
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    Provide the link to your question and I will tell you why.

    Shitrant / 10
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    @Kimmax ridiculous that you are getting down votes for truth. I've seen only once or twice that a properly formatted gets down voted and it may have been common question, didn't check. It's always horribly formatted question, asking why the code doesn't work without providing details and similar stuff that gets down voted and then blame SO.
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    @sSam Exactly. I'm regularly active in the review queues and 95% of the reviewers (me included) catch these poor formated questions and fix them, if we are able to, or leave a comment about what should be fixed.
    Sure, it might happen that someone just downvotes without any comment or obvious reason, but that's the exception.
    I see this kind of rant for the 4th or 5th time now and I always asked for the link to the questions and I didn't get a single one (yet).
    There's a user base in the dev community that is so fucking negative about SO, but the thing is, that they couldn't do it without SO. The (applied, not theoretical) knowledge behind the stack exchange network has yet to be matched. There is no alternative out there, yet people seem to hate the entire community.
    The overall community is great, minus one or the other black sheep. And that's not a problem only SO has, but the entire world
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    @Kimmax couldn't say it myself better.
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    The quick response is a double edged sword !! I got an answer within an hour , which i thought , would take days to even get noticed !
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    @Kimmax https://stackoverflow.com/questions...

    Enjoy. P.s.: The downvote came before I answered my self and, yes, I did check the site for that question. Many answers were found for either of the cases but none for both at the same time which requires a slightly different secondary line on the code.
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    That great community does not come across that well from the outside. There's a bit of a PR problem on that site and a tendency to dismiss noob questions as idiotic which as an ex-teacher I find rather dismaying. No one was born with all knowledge yet a fair amount of people have forgotten that along the way it seems and become very dismissing and pretentious. It's a shame.
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