1. I agree to work with you on your startup idea because i believe in you.
2. I am the solo developer doing both the mobile apps, website, database and server side.
3.You call me shouting and complaining that i am too slow.

4. sudo rm -rf ~/your_project

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    5. On his server: sudo rm -rf
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    That's just fucked up. If he knows how to do it faster, he should just do it himself
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    Zuckerbase the idea.
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    Tug life
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    I'd explicitly tell him to calm the fuck down. In your Position you have a lot of influence and Power. Try to teach him about your work, at least a little bit. It seems to be a technical startup, and the "ceo" Should have Basic knowledge imo.
    Either he understands that or like you wrote, remove that shit.
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