Asked our developers to build a site framework that can scale globally for all our brands.

Tell them to start with these 3 brands

They tell me they will use Drupal for the base, fair enough, i did pick them as they listed ex extensive drupal skills on their resume

Let them work on it, then time comes to deliver and I get handed 3 completely separate drupal sites that are just simply 3 individual commerce Kickstart sites with some really bad themes applied.

Asked what the fuck this is and get told that 'multi-site was too difficult and' is still a goal platform /framework​ because you can run multiple Drupal sites on one server.'

These people were hired and their resumes said things like' drupal multi-site developer'

Needless to say I get to hire the devs now.

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    Note: this was a very long time ago, and was not aware what a monolithic piece of trash drupal was
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    Welcome to devRant. Nice first rant!
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