When my boss doesn't give me my salary in time, I feel like "Then, I'm gonna make you cry".

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    Hes probably in a startup where money isnt there. Tell him that you need money for your family and also, tell him, that you leave if you dont get paid in time. He needs all horsepower possible, so he will pay you in time ;)
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    @linuxer4fun I did twice, so I'm gonna change my plans :""D
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    @develalfy well. You can still resort to the easy "leave the company" trick xD if you have enough experience, you will find other jobs. Maybe search before leaving
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    In a previous job where we got paid on Fridays our boss was away so I asked what was going to happen. Was told it we might be paid late. Then on Monday I said if I don't get paid by the end of the day I would quit and I did.

    Now where I work we get paid monthly so there is always lots of waiting to be paid. Seems silly to have quit that other job but there was other reasons.
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    @linuxer4fun that's what I'm doing right now, thank you bro
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    @develalfy sure, 😂 for extensive conversation, theres a devRant telegram group.

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