So I just got a mail from a bank.
The email address ended with .gmbh

If people want to make phishing emails then please use at least a fucking viable email address

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    That's actually rather smart. For most people, "GmbH" (German version of a Limited Liability Company) is associated with businesses and being professional. As a relatively new TLD, very few actual companies are using it or at least have bought the .gmbh version of their domain.
    That means that scammers, if they are actually buying the domain name they are using, basically have free choice from a pool of reasonably professional looking domains.
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    A bank that's a gmbh?
    That doesn't sound right
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    @Kimmax Even though it's not common, there are a few. They are often owned by other corporations to offer financial services to their clients, e.g. the Volkswagen Bank GmbH. As far as I know, they handle mostly leasing and car loans, but I think they also offer more common banking services.

    So yes, GmbH banks are uncommon, but they do exist.
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    @3141 Interesting. Didn't know about that
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    .gmbh is actually valid.
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    Oh, I didn't know that it's valid.
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