Someone from my current workplace found out who I am here. There goes my relative anonymous life here.

To all my colleagues, especially in the 'ansible' group chat.

I love you all (most of the time).
Please don't send this to upper management. Thank you.

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    @evilskua Oh no don't worry about the garden thing. I just mentioned devant in a group chat and apparently some colleague knows me very well and found me due to the tags I've used in previous rants.

    I'v already ranted about that tag a lot and in my current workplace it's a well known and dreaded piece of software we all share the suffering with to a certain degree.

    So yeah , getting doxxed was not a matter of if, but when.

    Still love my garden 😄
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    RIP. 😂
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    I often paste links to my rants to chats with my coleagues/managers. I don't see the point in hiding and badmouthing them behind a mask.

    If I need someplace/someone to vent to - I vent in dR. I really don't care if my boss reads my rant about my team. If I rant about it here, then my boss has already heard it from me. If I need to vent about the boss, then it's a hint for him that I have a bone to pick with him tomorrow.
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    What a nightmarish situation! So farewell.
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    @netikras Way to go, dude!!
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    why does one fork 1.2k github repos omg hah
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    Your profile says you are a sysadmin. What do you do as sysadmin ? Is that like installing and configuring Windows machines? I always wondered what it means.
    What is it precious ? (reads in Smeagol voice)
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    Lol. The first rule of the fight club is to not talk about fight club.

    I've never mentioned devrant among my colleagues
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    @horus nah it's okay, colleagues are for like 99% of the time cool people that are united in organisational suffering. Upper management hardly are present in the channels that are tech specific. I'm okay so far. Will update if I get kicked out due to a rant link.
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    @joewilliams007 because I'm a hoarder and I basically show a broad interest In things, I also do actively use almost all puppet related repos and a lot of ruby stuff too .
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    @gitstashio long story short: I install a lot of computers at the same time!

    A bit more detailed: I try to find infrastructure solutions for specific problems within organisations. To achieve that and to not grow a cancerous brain size, I use IaC to achieve my goals. My configmgmt of preference is puppet but lately using a lot of ansible to set up and provision various appliances in a controlled way. Lots of git stuff, writing spec tests, being involved in various interesting fields like Infosec (think owasp and friends) and , sadly, telling my superiors that hardly know what the tech involves why things are not automagically created within the hour. Especially when they tell you to build something with software package x, with less than the minimal system specs and non existing requirements they expect you to implement downloading it from their heads telepathically, and having a drooling_apu_face.gif when explaining them why their dreams are shattered.
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    @NeatNerdPrime but does one not star them then? and forking if one wants to edit them. an identical 'backup' on the same servers doesnt really make sense to me. but kk
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    @iiii "The first rule of the fight club is to not talk about fight club."

    His colleagues on devrant: This motherfucker right here...
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    @Wisecrack oh nyo!
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