I live in the terminal. I write lots of scripts (Shell, Python, node js) to automate tasks that would take hours to do by my teammates. Recently, I started automating everything that I put my hands on using Ansile: from pointing DNS server to continuons deployment, provisionning a fully customized infrastructure on the cloud using just a single command!

This is because automation gives you super power, the feeling that what you do help tl increase the productivity, reduce bugs etc.. Simply, once mastered, automation is ausome!

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    My touchscreen is */℅**!&*, sorry for English mistakes
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    I am trying to learn automating some stuff with python also..I managed to automate some boring weekly emails to be sent so far...hopefully more yet to come...like what you have said its fantastic
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    Airport terminal or train terminal?
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    My motto is to never do something yourself that a computer can do better.

    Being lazy really helps.
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    @ahhcrap welcome to devRant
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    great! its been a while I wanted to give Ansible a try...that sounds pretty useful.
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    @ahhcrap I had a professor call it "applied laziness."

    Anything I have to do more than once, my mind starts working on "how can I automate this?"
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    @azizfcb did you have any script and/or dotfiles to share? I love automating stuffs and see how others doing it.
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    @jallman112 I want to study that! :o
    Phd in applied lazyness
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    Oh yeah automation is the future and the past!

    Something cool you wrote and published?
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    @azizfcb you got SwiftKey installed?
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