Most unlikely / random thing that happend to you while using your computer (programming/designing/playing)

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    Something compiled correctly.
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    This probably happens often, and I just don't know much about volitile memory, but I'm pretty sure it's supposed to lose its data after it's turned off...so, a couple years ago, when I turned my computer on and all my applications we're still running in their same state as when I turned it off, I actually thought there was a ghost in my PC.
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    @SpencerBeige there is a function to leave the programs running. in German it's called "Ruhezustand". maybe you choose that accidently while turning off your pc.
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    @LastDigitOfPi Possibly so. It's cool that you know German, I am learning in highschool. My knowledge goes from "How are you called" to Numbers, so I can't actually say anything yet
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    Compiler bugs or hardware bugs. They don't come often, I remember 2 compiler bugs and 3 hardware bugs (on mass-market hardware) for the last 10 years. But if you run across one it's really hard to track it and be sure it really is not your fault.
    And it's often eqally hard to work aorund it.
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    Once I named a form in Visual Studio as satan. When I saved the project it suggested that the projects name would be a cross sign (alt+0134). I freaked out a bit but quickly shook it off. God damn Microsoft.
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    @SpencerBeige Guten Tag. everyone starts small. I have the advantage that I'm German and had to learn English which is easier than learning German :)
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    @LastDigitOfPi Really? I thought it was much easier to learn German. Anyway, Guten Tag. Wie gehts? Wie Heisst du? Zweihundert sechsunddreissig

    Hope I said that right.
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    At my exams. Had to use Windows 10 and installed a Ubuntu server VM. Created a host-only adapter.


    I had better things to do than that.
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    @SpencerBeige Everyone I know said that German is harder.

    Everything is right but you have to write "heisst" instead of "Heisst"
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    @LastDigitOfPi ah, right. I keep forgetting about capitalization of nouns
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    Surely the most random thing that happened when I was using my computer for programming, designing or playing (cannot remeber exactly), was standby Samsung TV in next room that suddenly turned itself on.
    And there wasn't nobody. Never happened before or after.
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    I was playing a game with my friends when it froze and crashed. A few seconds later I noticed that my entire drive was missing. The HDD that had everything on it had completely crapped out for no discernable reason, but my SSD, which housed the opersting systems and some few core programs, was still fine.

    The only important thing I lost, besides a number of personal projects, was a paper due the next day. Luckily my professor was pretty cool and let me turn it in a couple weeks late
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    Wow. Some nice random "zufällig/unwahrscheinliche" stories!

    Mine was pressing "Random player". Today I develop games with her - and we met multiple times ^^
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    It exploded. This happened to me 4 or 5 years ago with the pc i am currently using. I was playing minecraft and suddenly there was a loud *bang*, the monitor was black and I couldn't turn it on anymore.
    I gave it someone to fix it and it turned out that the power adaptor overheated and exploded.
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    @LastDigitOfPi Not 100% sure but I think the Windows function you're referring to (Ruhezustand) is called "hibernation" in English - and I think Windows 10 changed it to "Hybrid Mode" or something. :)
    (it basically copies everything from your RAM onto your HDD and reverse when turning the PC off/on)
    Anyhow, Grüße from a fellow German o/
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    @21stCenturyJoku Hallo. welcome to devRant
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    @theuser hmmm compiled in your first try?? Thats fishy!!

    Never trust a successfull compilation on your first try!
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