Advice from my Senior :

"Don't use linux, its crap!"

And here I am using Linux like a boss!

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    What's his argument?
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    Who is your boss? Steve Ballmer ?
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    Fuck the tools I've been told to use, if it was windows.
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    Im just hoping that the alternative was a mac
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    Microsoft Fanboy...
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    Linux rules the world
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    Linux is great in my opinion. There's a bit of initial learning curve, but it's very handy after that.
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    I personally prefer windows, and bat when people just say the other way around with mac ot linux, just use whatever you prefer... Apple / linux fanboy are not much different
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    @Torbuntu i agree, but i was talking just about personal preferences, they're free to blow their money, just don't tell me to blow mine :)
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    @Torbuntu yeah, but some fanboy can choose a side just because of trend, fashion, coolness, friend, shopper, advertising... not everybody really study the options and choose what's the best for them. (this talking in general, hope the average of devrant user should be smart enough : )
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    @Torbuntu of course, good chat also for me :)
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    I had a dream - "CMD with multiple Tabs and screen spliting"
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    @jalebiBhai dream no more, cmder exists
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