"Why are people using Git? It's too complicated. Dropbox can do the same kind of things."

- A fellow CS student at university

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    Yes indeed, there is even a better one, MS OneDrive!
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    That is someone you want yo stay away during group assignments!
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    Hopefully you replied: "thanks for the warning."
    And blacklisted that bloke, as a candidate group member.
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    For working alone its more than fine and easier for quick prototyping etc, since it actually saves all states of the file not just the most recent one.
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    @tomtom I believe you didnt read what I said, its much more work when youre quickly trying things to keep track of what was changed "oh 2 changes ago this worked, why?" - is with git impossible. (except if you commit every single change automatically and then merge.. but that is simply retarded to setup and to maintain) I personally combine git and dropbox to have both things.
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    I suppose you could replicate git and even automate it a bit, but why? You would end up with an even worse mess.
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    I'm guilty of rejecting git my first semester of college because I felt the professor was a bad developer.. I don't regret the mistakes i make, but refusing to use/learn git for half a year (for such a childish reason) is one that still stings.
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    @ImNotAlfred I was in a similar boat, the commands for a while scared me. Until I finally sat down and began learning it through an interactive git website
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    Both git and Dropbox can do versioning, but only git (or any other VCS) can do version *control*. You decide what versions are, which also means you're forced to think about what you did or want to do, which is good even if you're just experimenting. This, in turn, makes it easier to find out when something broke - you already wrote a high-level summary of what changed, as opposed to simply knowing where the change occurred.

    A system that automatically commits every new change even if it is just a new line seems fine for file backups, but sounds like hell when it comes to navigating its history.
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    Its pretty incredible how many CS students are just lazy bums. If you're not interested in learning things you find complicated, why study at all? (Coming from a student who is annoyed by all the lazy fucks at his college)
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    Not to knock anyone that uses it, but idk how many fellow students I have talked with that just don't want to learn Git and stick with SVN. Not saying its bad, but I just can't do it over Git
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    Why is everyone so afraid of git?
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    git add .
    git commit -m "message"
    git push origin master
    git pull origin master
    git clone
    git checkout branch
    Like seriously is it that fucking hard?
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    @DewWisp those lines are the life savior of all projects to be honest.
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    @rizasif92 I don't know, guy is your friend!
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    I'm not an actual developer but my work involves a lot of coding. Even if I'm alone working on it git is just my saviour and it helps me keep track of my shit so much more than any of the big cloud storages.
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    That guy's a f**ing AIDS. Avoid at all costs.
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    sudo kill the-guy
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    @uniquesmash I get there are some complicated things on it, like when you mess up.. it is complicated to fix.

    But the basics are quite easy. It is worth spending time on it
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    It's really satisfying that we have Git and version control, some industries don't have such things (e.g. design companies, autocad etc). I cannot live without version control, I wish there was a way to use version control with Keepass :(
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    For a while I never bothered to learn git because I would use drop box and I mean it worked, but after starting to use git, no way I could go back.
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    Holy shit. Just learn git. There is a huge ton of features, 90% of which no one uses for small projects or ever at all. It's so easy to just do:

    git clone $url
    git pull
    git add file
    git commit -m "did stuff"
    git push

    Those there make up like 90+% of what I do with git. If git is too hard on command line, use GitHub Desktop for Windows or Mac or whatever.

    What is with these people??
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    No love for CVS?
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    why use dropbox if there's undo...
    ppl are weird
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    I remember taking a C++ class trying to get my project partners to use git, and it was the most difficult thing. They were like, "when are we ever going to use this", and I was like, "I am a Software Engineer irl, I use it every day"
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    If I only have not heard that the same way already...
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