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    ...or never
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    In prototypes yes, but in production...... NNNOOOOOOOOOO
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    Now that's the wrong fucking attitude. Hope he burns in hell.
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    Famous last words.
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    @CozyPlanes except if they put the prototype into production.
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    The last CTO (cheif technology overlord) I had said this. He came from the banking industry and we were working with bank account information.

    Left that place fast.
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    @aquacash5 If a prototype enda up in production, they've misunderstood the concept of prototyping. A prototype should be disposable and minimal.
    I know there exists definitions of prototyping saying that it can be turned into production code. But that's flawed and introduces great risk
    Edit: This is not pointed at you, or saying that, that's what you do.
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    A week ago i said to my boss,
    Me : boss, i see this password is sent unencrypted. I got an email stacktrace contain plain customer password.
    Boss : let me see, hmm... no problem.
    Me : ......
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    Two weeks later: 1=1
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    Later == never
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    "Let's turn off security on test server during testing"
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    We don't need HTTPS
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    Funny enough its a norm to get d code up and running at first
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    @CozyPlanes but why would we spend 2 weeks working for no visible changes!? (Managerial staff, business users, etc)
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