"Nothing good will ever come of this computer thing of yours. Stop wasting time and learn something useful."
. . .
My Mom was telling me this for years.

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    I got the same lines from my parents for years...
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    And? Where are you now? Are you succesful or are yous till sitting behind your PC day in day out? You should have gotten a real job. </dad-mode>

    I have never heard that. But then my parents just didnt care what I did.
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    Well, I am the lead developer for a full service digital agency :)

    And I really love what I do!
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    @Codex404 I became an architect. Was / still am good at it. I love to design things.
    But many things happen and some didn't happen so I decided I need a change.
    Now working and learning at my first job as a junior developer.
    And I love it :D
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