Thanks for the awesome shirt and desk swag! Loving it!

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    Awesome, glad you like!
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    T-shirt 😍
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    How you get that shirt?
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    Yes. how? How? HOW? 😀
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    @dfox if you are wondering XL, but in all honesty, I work from home, so there isn't going to be a lot of promotional value 😄
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    @bauermetal had requested one and found a pretty critical bug in the app with clear reproduction steps so we sent him one :) Since the beginning we've only had about 10 shirts or so (small test print) mixed across a bunch of sizes so we don't really have any left.

    The next-gen designs are pretty awesome I think and we have some test ones on the way. We want to try to make these available. It might be for a certain point value or something but we aren't sure yet. I'll post pics when they arrive!
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    How do I get one of those stress balls? Looks awesome 😁
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