Adding "my house manager is a bitch" to the pile of ongoing issues.

My studio is right in front of the courtyard. Which means students partying and I don't get any sleep. So this morning I asked her if I could swap places with another student. She is a broken record. "It's not allowed" is all I hear from her every time regardless of whatever I ask. And as she says, there are new rules and I am not allowed to get a new contract within the same fuckin building. Her own daughter lives in the quiet area, so like, what's with the double standard?

She's lying and I know that. I asked her to put me in touch with her bosses or "owners" as she calls them, and guess what she said; "it's not allowed" 🙄

Anyways, I don't wish her well. I'll eventually find a way out of this expensive silverfish-infested building.

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    The only solution is to go partying with them. Either you'll get to party or they'll run away, so you can only win.
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    @electrineer with this you presume, that @NoMad wants to go partying. i doubt that's the case. :'D

    in any case, your house manager is fully qualified bitch, indeed.
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    @theKarlisK I do. But then I miss my own alarm clock then.
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    @electrineer p-fucking-h-fucking-d student. I don't have any time for that. Plus, compared to aussies, germans can't fucking party. (Except for Berliner raves, the rest can't)
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    @NoMad gotta drink or steal all their booze so they leave
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    @theKarlisK thought about that. The wild rain around here would ruin that.
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    Don’t they have ruhezeit there?
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    @aviophile rural shitheads don't understand that, it seems
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    Just try not to be annoyed so much. That makes so tired. I've learnt sleeping trough music but talking.. Talking is terrible
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    @retoor for me it's the opposite: I can't sleep to any music but I'm not sure I can fall asleep without calm mumbling like a university lecture. It needs to not be shouting or high pitched though.
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    @electrineer talking about lectures, I listen often in the evening to a Dutch professor talking about politics and history. Many people fall asleep while listening to him but he doesn't care. I think it's one of the most popular popcasts. I've listened at least 225 hours to him (wtf btw)
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