Finally I have one.

Any fun project idea?

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    I have also bought one😀
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    WiFi jammer, WiFi De-Auther?
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    @olback for that purpose is better a cheap 8266.
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    Display the message : hacking facebook account and tell random kids that you can sell it to them
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    @NyxMC i have some WS2812 5MM LED
    i will think about something similiar.
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    @NyxMC esp-idf and Arduino framework for esp32 are still incomplete and unsafe.

    Micropython is even worse.
    Maybe in future.
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    @NyxMC connect your esp to your router using wpa/2 encryption.
    Then disable encryption in your router making your network OPN
    Reset the esp and see that it will connect anyway.

    Almost anyone can take control of your IoT devices just creating an OPN WiFi hotspot with your same SSID.
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    I just got secure socket MQTT working on mine now to automate my garage lighting, thank god for LED lighting making relay switching safer
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