"First remove the break points, and then commit the code".

He described it as if the breakpoints could stop time!! 😂

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    That's really quite scary...
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    they r called break-points after all ...

    hey the build is broken, who checked in a break point
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    Some IDEs used to keep the breakpoints on a project file. I remember having that issue on NetBeans, not sure if by itself or with a plugin. Perhaps they got used to remove the breakpoints before adding all the files.
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    @Eariel Aah. That explains why the senior Dev started that practice. Unfortunately junior devs followed, without asking why. They reasoned the app will stop in prod and no one will be there to hit resume. 😛
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    Old versions of ABAP (programming language for SAP ERP) had brakepoints in the code! You literally had to explicitly write them. So depending on the environment this may be a good advice
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