Guys! I did it! Its possible!

My task was to extension a code in php. I wrote 100 lines of code and then it workes on first try without any errors!

This is a milestone!
Bill Gates is nothing against me!

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    Except for the fact that he has a couple of zero's extra on the end of his bank balance 😆
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    @linuxxx couple of zeros? Throw in a dozen of zeros lol
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    @gitpush A billion isn't a hundred zeros xD
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    @linuxxx just give him sometime he'll be there :P
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    Good job!
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    I have hundereds of zeroes in front of my bank account balance 😎
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    @PonySlaystation I technically have infinite zeroes in front of mine 😎
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    @billgates I heard someone talking shit...
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    I have only zeros in my bank account :/
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    I could write thousands of lines of code and guarantee it would run without errors on the first try.

    The first one would be a return statement 😁
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    @Shodan you could get syntax errors still...

    My first line would be a multiline comment ;)
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    @AlgoRythm seems though they are on my side 😀
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    If my code don't return an error at the first time makes me very surprised and i even try to change the file's name so i can ensure it was realy my code executing.
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    @coolq That's true, especially without an IDE. Comments aren't usually measured as (logical) lines of code though, but if we're talking about lines in a file then yeah, that's what I'd go with to back up that claim too 😅
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    @Shodan hmm, well what if you had a function they was empty, and you called it thousands of times on seperate lines?
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