Anybody have recommendations for a laptop? A want a laptop to finish high school with but more importantly something that can be my primary computer in college for school, coding, and gaming (doesn't need to run really intense games like CoD)

I want:
•15 inch screen
•i5 or i7 processor
•500 gb storage or more
•6 gb RAM or more
•decent front webcam
•good battery life
•$600 or less
•NOT a MacBook

Thanks :)

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    Acer Aspire E-15
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    Dell Inspiron 15-5578. Took forever to ship and tech support was abysmal but the hardware is great. 500GB SSD, i7 (3.5mhz is ok ig), 16GB ram nice keyboard, etc. Check my profile for rants on aforementioned terrible tech support trying to dualboot Debian. I eventually succeeded. Isn't a hardcore gaming pc for sure, but for everything else it's pretty beefy. 6 hour battery life but it's internal. All in all I'm very happy with it entirely except for Dell.
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    >wants a laptop for gaming
    >With an i5 or an i7
    >$600 or less
    What the fuck....


    What are you, 15?
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    Check ou Dave2D on YouTube. He has some excellent reviews on laptops and I believe he has done a video on that price range
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    HP envy x360!
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    OS preference? Particular coding tech?
    Are you going to code / game on the road, or just take notes and browse, while doing the heavy stuff at home?

    $600 is a tight budget for a laptop. Doable of course, a coworker of mine swears by his $200 chromebook he uses with crouton/linux and PyCharm.

    Asus Zenbooks are pretty attractively priced for their specs — XPS laptops have a nicer build quality but are more expensive.

    For the long term, I'd get a full PC for both gaming and development. It's cheaper, not just because the parts cost less, but also because you buy a case and keyboard for 15 years and can easily upgrade just the motherboard & CPU at any point.
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    Lenovo Flex IdeaPad:
    16 GB RAM
    512 GB SSD
    16" screen (I think)
    I disabled the webcam (paranoia)
    Not only can it can last at least 6 hours on a single charge, it can charge in 1
    Touchscreen (2 in 1)

    PS it's thin af
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    Probably a 15.6". 16" screens don't exist afaik
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    @RiderExMachina I think 16.9" is what I remember, is that a size ?
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    Standards are 13.9", 15.6", and 17.3", no 16.9" that I know of...
    It could be a 16x9 screen though
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    Windows 10 or 7 but probably not gonna find 7. I'd use it mostly for coding and school but some gaming every now and then. I know $600 is tight but I'm not looking to throw a lot of money at a laptop, more of a best deal for the price. I'm aware of the perks of a desktop but I'm looking for the mobility of a laptop right now. Thanks for you suggestions, I'll do some research :) @bittersweet
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    You want a good quality laptop and those are going to be a bit spendy. There is an Asus that my shop sells for $700 (after the markup that includes setup and data transfer), it's got 8GB RAM and 1TB disk space. I do not have a model number right now, but I can get one by Monday. It has Intel graphics, so it'll play some games but only on medium-to-low settings.

    But like I said, you want this laptop to be high quality so it lasts you for more than a year, so I recommend an Asus, Toshiba, or Lenovo; those are the best quality brands out there right now. STAY FAR FAR AWAY FROM ACER AND HP. I have had laptops from both of those brands and they lasted me less than a year.
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    For that price range the most important factor is the storage. Get a good SSD and it doesn't matter what the rest is... maybe except for RAM.
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