I don't profess to know the whole story, but what is it with the (what seems to me to be) overly-fragile, cry-bully mentality of the Node.js community and its various branches? The current mess is not the first time strongly opinioned, overly zealous loud-mouths have driven the ship.

Throughout the history of time, teams/groups of people have been made up of different characters. Some are nice, some aren't really and everyone has varied characteristics. There seems to be a drive to completely flatten the behaviour, beliefs and attitudes of any sort of gathering, and it makes me so mad. Some people are so obsessed with their ideas of equality, diversity, inclusivity and safe spaces that they can't see how negative and discriminating those attitudes actually are.

I fully accept that certain behaviours should not be tolerated and should be called out. And communities and societies will organically decide what those are.

But when you raise an issue, approach it like grown up and thrash it out to a resolution - don't throw your toys out of the pram and put on a real public show, targeting and scapegoating other individuals when you don't get your way! This is childish and narcissistic. If this is your only course of action, you should realise you haven't a strong argument.

I've ranted here before about how the mainly social media discussions on any subject drive us all to extreme ends. And this is just another example. It's wrong and narrow minded and not remotely progressive - the opposite of what those who should loudest claim to be.

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    Some bullshit about one of the cores being sexist for supporting mens rights...

    typically he now has to loose his job because that is how every issue is dealt with by these professional fuckheads.

    Not relevant to development what so ever but this is the world we sadly live in.
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    @nblackburn This is what gets me most. It has been unilaterally decided that someone has committed a crime worthy of dismissal. So he must be dismissed. No redress, no recourse, no process. No consideration of what the implications to that individual might be.

    Some groups and some people have become so accustomed to shouting "I want!" and getting what they demand that they have no concept of negotiation or accepting of different views.
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    @CrankyOldDev Yeah it's a load of horse shit, not only does it have nothing to do with development but it could fuck the guy over for the rest of his life (having an opinion does not warrant this outcome).
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